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If you are new to the Azure Services Platform and Windows Azure, it is recommended that you first register for the CTP and download the SDK. Do note, however, that the SDK will not install on Windows XP based machines. An unsupported partial workaround is available to try, however.

Tokens which can be used to begin using Windows Azure, .NET Services, and SQL Services are currently being issued. Priority is being given to PDC attendees. You only have to register once, and you will begin receiving invite codes/tokens for each component in the Azure Services Platform. Wait times vary but it could be weeks before receiving any confirmation.

The Windows Azure SDK contains the Windows Azure Development Fabric and the Development Storage tool that you can use to build and test services locally. Once you have your token, you can deploy your service to the cloud. Currently, invites allow for 2000 VM hours (approximately 83 days) of usage for the duration of the CTP. A reply in this forum thread indicates that projects in active development might receive a quota extension.


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